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About Skins:

The sound of ski skins is a little off-putting, but trust us, it’s not as painful as it sounds. In fact, skins for skiing are incredibly practical and easy to use. All you have to do is make sure that ski bases are clean and then simply attach the skin clip to the tip and press the skin down from tip to tail. That’s it. They’re available in a variety of coverages. From wall-to-wall to straight coverage, you can custom cut your skins to ensure the perfect fit for your skis. Skins are a must-have in the backcountry to decrease the amount of energy you expend while going uphill when there are no lifts nearby. Your skiing world just opened up to a whole new variety of terrains and environments.

Wondering why they’re called skins? It’s because the first was made from sealskin. These days, they are made from nylon, synthetic fur or mohair, and a strong, reusable adhesive. The adhesive side is the side that attaches to your skis. On average, a skin’s stickiness lasts for about 50 uses. The fur provides heavy-duty traction when traveling across snow and icy surfaces. You’ll be able to easily glide forward in the backcountry without fearing of sliding backward every time you take a step. It’s similar to an animal’s fur that can only be groomed in one direction. When pushed in the opposing direction, the fur stands up, thus providing resistance against sliding. Once you get the technique down, you’ll find that skiing skins allow you to move quickly and easily in the side and backcountry.