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About Ski and Snowboard Roof Racks for Cars:

I was driving into work the other day and I saw a man who was apparently taking his family on a skiing trip. He was shouting out the window at his daughter who was on the roof of the car holding on for dear life. Apparently he didn’t have a ski and snowboard rack and he had to keep all of the gear inside the car while his family had to hold on to the roof because the skis and snowboards lack opposable thumbs. I pulled up next to him at a red light and asked why he was putting his daughter in such danger. He just yelled back “It’s O.K they are going to switch in a little while!” I will never forget the terrified look on the little boy who was pressed up against the window in the car by the pressure of all of the gear.

Don’t put your loved ones in danger. Get a snowboard or ski rack today. Not only is it a safer way to carry your gear to where you need it, it also frees up so much room in the car that you will be able to take your whole crew with you, because nobody likes to feel left out. These are some of the best racks from the top brands so your boards and your skis will be safe and get a really fun ride on the top of the car, it prepares them for all of the shredding you are going to do once you get to the mountain.