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About Ski Poles:

In the past, have we given some not-so-great advice when it comes to decking you out in ski swag? That depends on who you ask. We like to consider it more as “thinking outside the box”; others have used the phrase “reckless endangerment run wild”. Can’t say we completely agree with that, and you know, maybe the world isn’t ready for old man canes re-purposed as ski poles. In case you haven’t caught the old man cane wave yet, this page full of high octane ski poles will be just what the doctor ordered. Unless your doctor really did prescribe a rehab walking cane, in which case, get that instead.

We aren’t trying to skate by with some cheap ski pole nonsense, no way. What you see here is the best of the best, the greatest brands around at even greater prices. Buy one pair for skiing purposes; buy another for a rad sword-fight-to-the-death showdown.


We’ve been informed by our lawyers we need to stop suggesting potentially violent and reckless behavior. Ski poles over old man canes, and no sword fighting, please.

Unless you’re really, really, really good at it.