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About Ski Pants:

Give those legs of yours a break. You’re already putting your body through the paces out on the slopes, so why not treat yourself to the best apparel possible? Something that supports your athleticism and ensures you’re able to perform your best out there – oh, and they’re going to look great, too. The best outdoor apparel brands in the business (or “the biz”, if you’re into that sort of thing) have brought together a collection of top-notch ski pants and bibs, with sincere hopes of kicking your skiing games up a notch or two, or at the very least making you look like a total pro out there.

It’s all about getting you exactly what you need. Interested in keeping yourself as agile as possible while you’re flying down the alpine backcountry? A pair of softshell ski pants could be your best bet, bringing in welcome tech like waterproof fabric to make sure you keep dry in spite of whatever the elements might throw your way. Expect rip-proof material, built to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors and then some. But maybe staying warm out there is what’s most important to you – plenty of the ski pants above are rocking top-notch insulation that’ll help keep the chill out and that toasty warmth in.

Perfect for skiing but great for a wealth of other winter sports, you actually can use your ski pants to go snowboarding. Might one to keep that one on the down low, but we won’t give you a hard time about it. Heck, take them hiking if you want to, as the most important thing here is you have a great time outdoors. Your ski pants could be your new favorite sleepy-time pants for all we care. Just as long as you’re keen on quick drying, moisture wicking goodness inherent to a kick-ass pair of ski pants, we’re golden.