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About Ski Boots:

Can you go skiing by duct taping your sneakers to a pair of 2x4’s? Ostensibly, yes. Yes you can. We would never think of encouraging this sort of behavior (unless, you know, you really really want to) so as an alternative, here are the finest ski boots known to man. They’re no sneakers-on-wood, but hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

For one, that crazy duct tape you’re used to playing around with? It’s a thing of the past! These high-octane boots make attaching to bindings a breeze. Warmth and comfort are top priorities, right along with maximum feel and versatility. You can carve up that slope and keep your toes nice and toasty, all at the same time.

A surprising amount of energy and effort has been placed into engineering the best possible ski boots known to man, so hey, take a look. Once you’re done forgetting the sheer thrill of duct tape shoes, snap in to a pair of brand new boots and take your ski game to a whole new level. Or, to a respectable level in general. People don’t respect 2x4 skis, sorry.