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About Ski Bindings:

Ski bindings are one of the most important pieces of ski gear outside of your helmet and the actual skis themselves. If it weren’t obvious, ski bindings connect your ski boot to the ski. They play an important role in the safety and responsiveness of your ski. Ski bindings keep you locked in when you need to be one with your skis. Even more important, they release you in a crash or wipeout to prevent injury. With the right bindings, you’ll be able to reach optimal performance levels without fear of punishment.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing ski bindings. First, make sure that your bindings match your skiing style and goals. Skiing at a resort is much different than technical, backcountry skiing so it’s imperative that your bindings can handle what is being thrown at them. This is also true of the DIN settings. If you need a firm attachment to your skis then you’ll need a higher number DIN. Moosejaw carries a range of DIN bindings. High DIN options are perfect for advanced and sharp skiers while low DIN options work well for a novice or standard skiing. Obviously, the heavier and more aggressive you are while skiing, the more advanced and aggressive ski equipment you will need.

Not all ski bindings are compatible with every ski boot, even when they are made by the same manufacturer. Check to see that your bindings are made for your type of ski boots. You should also check to see that they match your ski width. Your bindings should comfortably fit over the edges of your skis. Lastly, never adjust your ski bindings yourself. This should only be done by a professional ski technician. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your ski brakes and bindings are always working properly.

The best ski bindings vary from person to person. Choose from traditional downhill ski bindings, cross-country bindings or alpine touring frame bindings. Trusted brands such as Dynafit, Black Diamond, La Sportiva and more, have engineered some of the safest and most durable ski bindings on the marketing.