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About Shimano Bike Components and Cycling Gear

Shimano wants you to be able to focus and enjoy your ride, instead of worrying if your bike is going to respond when you need it to. They design all their components to work smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to brake before you hit that tree on your way down the mountain.

Shimano has multiple tiers of mountain biking components like shifters, disc brakes, and wheelsets. Their XTR and Deore XTR series are great for the seasoned rider that is into cross country, trail, or all mountain riding. For a newer cross country rider, we would suggest checking out the Tourney series. They’ll get you where you need to go and won’t break the bank while they do it.

If you’re a sport or fitness cyclist, Shimano makes great road bike components, too. Whether you need new derailleurs, brake calipers, or shifter levers, they’ve got plenty of options. Much like their mountain bike parts, the road bike components are divided into tiers. The Ultegra series is great for the avid cyclist that likes to do triathlons or endurance rides. A more casual cyclist or commuter would do well to check out the Tourney A070 series for smooth shifting and easy riding.

Their offerings don’t stop at bike parts, either. Shimano also makes men’s and women’s cycling shoes to pair with their clipless pedals, allowing you maximize the efficiency of your pedal stroke. This way, you can get an edge on your younger brother during your next race. There’s clothing with reflective accents to wear while riding, keeping you visible in low light or on evening rides. There’s even sunglasses to protect your eyes when the trail is in direct sunlight, like when you ride off into the sunset, leaving your competitors in the dust.

With a vast array of lightweight and durable components, you’ll be able to customize your bike exactly how you want it. Whether you’re riding the track, the trail, or somewhere inbetween, be sure to ride Shimano.