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About Serfas Cycling Gear:

Serfas makes innovative cycling gear and accessories designed to help keep you safer while you ride. They make a large array of bike lights to help you to see and be seen during evening cruises or early morning commutes. With headlight options ranging from a bright 250 lumens to an ultra bright 1200 lumens, there’s no way they won’t see you coming. Plus, if you run into any vampires, these lights will more than likely scare them off. There are plenty of tail light options as well, meaning you’ll be visible from both directions. Most of their lights are USB rechargeable and feature multiple modes, including low beam, high beam, and flashing, giving you choices depending on what conditions you find yourself in. And with easily detachable mounting options, you can just throw them in your bag instead of worrying about them being stolen off of your bike.

In addition to all their light options, Serfas also has helmets to keep your head safe and locks to keep your entire bike safe when you park it somewhere. They have mountain bike tires with their patented FPS (Flat Protection System) technology featuring ballistic nylon, so you’re less likely to be sidelined by a flat tire. If you do need to add some air though, their bike tool with built-in CO2 inflator will have you back on the trail in no time. Since comfort is an important consideration when it comes to cycling, add a Serfas saddle to your ride and you’ll be comfortable no matter what type of riding you’re doing.

Next time you go out riding, turn on your bike lights to make sure they can see you coming. And if you want to be extra visible, add a Serfas bell to your handlebars so they’ll be able to hear you coming, too.

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