Self Inflating Pads

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About Self-Inflating Pads:

One day, possibly not too far from today, we will live in a time where it’s possible to bring your entire bed set out to the campsite with you. Never again will you have to subside on anything less than your plush California King getaway, and the camping game will be forever changed. Problem is, that’s super not happening, so what is a backpacker like yourself to do? There’s only so much room and so much weight you can carry, and sacrificing your quality of sleep isn’t exactly ideal. That’s where these self-inflating pads come in – able to fit where others can’t with the ability to be more comfortable than any pads has a right to be, it might not be that enormous home bed of yours, but it’ll sure come close.

Did we mention how lightweight they are? In case we forgot (pretty sure we did) it bears driving the point home: These packs are nice and light, ready to fit into your cramped daypack with considerable ease. Thanks to some high-octane, high-tech, possibly stolen-from-aliens know-how, these pads pack an insane amount of comfort in an even more insane amount of space. How large and heavy you go is entirely up to you, and a little extra room and padding is entirely attainable.

Grab the self-inflating pad that’s perfect for you, helping to ensure your next camping expedition is all that more perfect itself. Oh, and don’t forget about that synthetic microfiber insulation, something we totally didn’t just make up, something that will totally help you stay that much warmer out there during those chillier nights. We aren’t quite in the realm of recreating your bedroom out there, but these self-inflating pads we ensure you have a comfortable and cozy experience while you’re out there roughing it.