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About School Backpacks:

The most badass backpacks can easily be taken from the classroom or office and right onto the trail. While the ones found above are labeled as "school backpacks", don't make the mistake of limiting them to just that one category. They come loaded with features such as media pockets, mesh-covered foam panels for comfort and ventilation, weatherproof and rip-stop fabrics, exterior quick access pockets and a plethora of designs and colors.

In the market for a backpack that you can take to work without looking like you belong in elementary school? Good news! Moosejaw offers a wide variety of smart, sleek and stylish packs that keep your belongings organized and protected. From heritage-styled rucksacks to leather and canvas backpacks, your professional look won't be hindered.

Whether you'll be living out of your backpack like a badass or you simply need something to keep you organized during the week, these packs and bags are extremely versatile and functional. Thanks to innovative technology and smart design, you no longer have to suffer under the weight of heavy textbooks, bulky gear or cumbersome work laptops. And with a range of styles, colors and sizes, you'd be hard pressed to find something that better meets your lifestyle needs.