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About Saucony Running and Training Shoes:

Running is in your blood. Determination and speed are fast friends, fueling your trek down the road. But you can't do it alone. While many have come along throughout there years, Saucony was there from the start. Back over a century ago when professional running began to capture the nation's attention, there wasn't much at a runner's disposal to help keep your feet in line while pushing your limits. The folks at Saucony came together to change that.

Spikes weren't good enough. Back when a good number of runners either ran barefoot or wore leather shoes with attached spikes, a better option wasn't available - it had to be invented. Saucony came to life in 1898, quickly devoting their New England-based factory to building a better running shoe. When the sport of competitive running got caught in the American zeitgeist in the mid-70s Saucony really got going, ushering in a new era of excellence in running.

The decades of the 1980s would go on to define Saucony, with the emergence of a number of seminal shoes that would continue to define the brand to this day. These are classic styles still in production, still sought after by running professionals around the world. The originals share the shelf with shoes produced using the latest advances in technology, providing lighter and stronger solutions than ever before.

Built by runners for runners, the passion that Saucony places in every inch of their footwear is apparent right out of the box. For those who yearn to succeed, Saucony is ready to cheer you on along the way.