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About Salomon Footwear:

No matter what’s on the trail ahead, you had better be ready for it. Living an active lifestyle like you do (that is what you do, right?) there’s plenty to be prepared for, so when you’re constantly on your feet, using them for walking, running and sweet, sweet juke moves, you had better take care of those things. That’s where Salomon has you covered. Manufacturer of premium sports equipment for decades, Salomon has built a strong reputation by making superior, dependable footwear for years. Thanks to some industry-leading technology and top-notch style, Salomon footwear is coveted by athletes of all kinds across the world.

And it’s easy to see why – one look at the Salomon footwear above and you know you’re dealing with a brand that takes their craft seriously. Different disciplines are represented across the board, so no matter what you’re up to outside, Salomon is sure to take care of you. Interested in a shoe that’ll be adaptable enough to keep you going across multiple surfaces, lightweight and easy-breathing to make sure you never overheat while you’re jogging through the neighborhood? Or maybe you need something a touch more rugged, willing to be uncompromising and resilient while you’re absolutely killing it trail running. Get what you need, and then get back out there.

Packed with the features that you crave (or at least, you know, should be craving) you’re going to be as comfortable as need to be without sacrificing the support that’s important while you’re pushing your limits. So whether you’re scoping out a waterproof, insulated boot that’ll withstand the most treacherous of trails, or just seeking a minimalist experience that will keep you agile and light as you work on that road running, you’re bound to find it above in our Salomon footwear collection. And if you can’t find it up there, well, look again. It’s there, we swear.