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About Running Socks:

Many people do not realize just how important running socks are and the role they play in your run. Rich with specialized features and innovative materials, running socks enhance your performance as well as the overall enjoyment of your run. These specialized socks are perfect for racing and high-performance training, but also can be used for casual, everyday wear. From calf-covering compression socks to no-show ankle socks, there is something here for everyone.

Running socks are constructed with anatomically correct right and left designs, and are available in men’s and women’s specific fit. A high stitch count provides a buttery soft feel while added elastane and spandex give structured support so you never have to deal with annoying balling and sagging. Seamless designs prevent irritation and bunching. Innovative materials are moisture-wicking, breathable and contain anti-fungal properties. They are odor-resistant thanks to fabric that blocks smelly bacteria.

The best running socks protect your skin from blisters and other damage by eliminating friction gaps between your foot and running shoe. This shields you from hot spots and rubbing. Compression socks stimulate blood flow and provide muscle support for high-mileage days. Additionally, they assist in reducing the risk of injury by providing premium ankle and arch support as well as shock absorption. From marathons to trail running, your feet just found their match in comfort and protection.

Buying running socks is an investment in your future. They are insanely durable thanks to reinforced fabric in high-wear areas and will retain their shape even after years of washing and wear. These are some of the finest running socks from popular brands like Smartwool, Icebreaker, Darn Tough and Fits. There is a reason why they have amassed a loyal following from the running community. You’ll never go back to any other socks again after slipping on a pair and going out for a job. Lightweight, breathable, protective and insanely comfortable, running socks are your feet’s new best friend.