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About Running Jackets:

A good running jacket keeps you going in conditions that force others to the treadmill. Made with fabrics that have almost supernatural abilities, these men’s and women’s running jackets are lightweight, breathable and weather-resistant. Whether you enjoy a winter run along the trails or you prefer laps in the neighborhood, the thermals and shells found above keep the breeze off your back and chill out of your bones. It’s always easy to find an excuse to skip today’s workout, but with top-notch protection covering you, you can keep your training on track.

Getting outside in unfavorable conditions means that you will have to deal with competing needs. The best running jackets are designed with high breathability, superior venting, easy portability and first-rate weather resistance. These necessary attributes embody everything you could want in an outer layer. While comfort is subjective, cleverly designed running jackets keep you focused on your performance instead of any discomfort.

Durable water-repellant coatings provide exceptional waterproofing, strategically placed breathable panels dissipate extra heat and moisture while seam-sealed stitching prevents chafing. Details such as thumb loops that hold sleeves in a comfortable position, built-in sweat patches (aka snot catchers), stash pockets for phones, hats and gloves, and high-zip necks, removable hoods, and adjustable cuffs give you the ability to dial in how much protection you need on any given run.

Visibility on both the roads and trails is imperative. From short winter days to rainy dark nights, a running jacket should have reflective features for optimal safety. Bright colors and all-around reflectivity provide high visibility from dusk till dawn. These running jackets are workhouses and keep you safe, comfortable, and protected even when inclement conditions are setting in.