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Ruffwear Powder Hound Jacket
  • BLUE
  • RED

Powder Hound Jacket

$76.99 - $89.95
up to 14% off
Ruffwear Mt. Bachelor Pad
  • GREY
  • BLUE

Mt. Bachelor Pad

$69.95 - $89.95
Ruffwear Quinzee Jacket
  • GREY

Quinzee Jacket

$63.99 - $79.95
up to 20% off
Ruffwear Headwater Collar
  • PINK
  • RED

Headwater Collar

$25.99   $29.95
13% off
Ruffwear Hoopie Collar

Hoopie Collar

$13.99   $19.95
30% off
Ruffwear Timberline Collar

Timberline Collar

$31.99   $39.95
20% off
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About Ruffwear:

Somebody from Ruffwear sent me a really nice explanation of how Ruffwear started and when and who started it and all of that. But I had way too much fajita burrito for lunch, and I'm kind of slipping in and out of consciousness. So, anything I put here probably won't be terribly accurate. I'm really sleepy and kind of nauseous, you guys.

Anyway, Ruffwear started in 1994 when developed Patrick Kruse The Quencher, the original collapsible food and water bowl for dogs. Ruff Wear now has a complete line of badass performance dog gear. Along with collapsible bowls, Ruffwear brings to the table a full line of dog-related gear designed to enhance the interaction between humans and dogs. See what I did there? Bowls? Table? Get it? Ruff Wear performance dog gear line includes dog packs, dog harnesses, dog boots, dog coats, and dog life jackets.

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