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About Roxy:

Chances are that you've probably heard of Roxy, the women's clothing and outerwear line that has dominated the industry since the early 90's. They have pioneered action sports apparel, outerwear and casual wear for women and girls across the globe. Swim, snow, sun and rain - no matter the outdoor conditions, you will remain protected and stylish. As their popularity steadily grows so too do their lines of clothing and gear.

Roxy has the rare ability to mix fashion and performance. Their lifestyle brand will inspire you whether you are searching for the perfect ride or you simply want something cute to wear on the weekend. From coats to snowboard jackets and backpacks to shirts, each piece is packed with high-tech features and indie inspired designs giving you the ability to quickly transition from outdoor adventures to city trips without needing a changing room. Their tech benefits include moisture-wicking, four-way stretch and quick-drying fabrics; zone-mesh ventilation, UV sun protection, GORE-TEX materials and seams with soft flatlock to reduce chafing.

The Roxy logo is the true embodiment of their brand. A play off of their parent company Quicksilver, it symbolizes mountains and waves to represent surfing and snowboarding for the fearless young woman. Both stylish and utilitarian, their clothing and outerwear celebrates what it is to be female. Regardless of if you are in a concrete jungle or on a blank canvas of snow, Roxy is here to outfit you in some of the most exhilarating and high-performing fashion apparel.

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