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About Rossignol:

My Mean Boss told me if I didn't write some stuff about Rossignol I couldn't take part in the 3-legged race later. It's pretty much like when your mom won't let you have dessert until your finish your brussel sprouts. Just kidding. Rossignol is awesome, and nothing like brussel sprouts.

Rossignol is pretty much a leader in ski and snowboard technology and design. Rossignol Alpine Skis feature rad, innovative technology like Cascade Tip, Spoon Tip, Jib Tip, and Slant Nose Technology, which dramatically improves the swing weight of the ski for quick turn initiation. Rossignol Alpine Skis can be found with a feature to increase power, control, ease of use,comfort, and fun. I wish I could find a boyfriend with all those benefits.

Rossignol snowboarding gear is pretty rad, too. Check out Rossignol Snowboards for men, women, and kids, including some pretty rad boards like the Rossignol Reserve, and Rossignol Sultan. You can get your whole snowboard sitch on lockdown with Rossignol. Check out Rossignol Snowboard Boots and Rossignol Bindings.