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About Roof-top Tents:

Roof-top tents are the next big thing in hiking and camping. While they catch a lot of stares and awes in wonder, these roof-mounted tents are surprisingly simple to pitch and take down. They can be fully set up in less than 15 minutes so you spend more time enjoying the trails and mountains and less time fiddling around with poles and stakes. Lightweight but insanely strong and stable, you can even drive down the highway with the tent still pitched. Made to withstand high winds, downpours and cold temperatures, you can take a car tent with you pretty much wherever you go.

Tepui and Yakima roof-top tents come with all the bells and whistles. A ladder and the necessary hardware are included for easy setup. Mesh panels provide excellent ventilation during hot nights, allowing you to stargaze without being bothered by pestering bugs and critters. Rip-stop, water-resistant materials can withstand scrapes and scratches while rain and condensation don’t stand a chance at leaking in. You don’t have to worry about bringing your own cot or inflatable sleeping pad as these roof rack tents come with their own mattresses. Super roomy and comfortable, it’s bound to be your home away from home.

Roof-mounted tents come in a variety of models that sleep from two people up to five people. They are designed to fit most roof racks whether it’s fixed onto a truck, SUV or sedan. Perfect for when you want avoid to messy terrain and pests such as snakes and scorpions, these car tents lock to the roof rack for added security. It’s easy to see why roof-top tents are all the rage. They’re easy to pitch, simple to take down, comfortable and provide the perfect amount of protection from the elements. These award-winning designs let you sit and enjoy the view while atop your car. It doesn’t get much better than this.