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About Rome SDS:

Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate has been making some of the finest snowboards and gear since 2001. Based out of Vermont, Rome SDS makes some of the most innovative snowboards, bindings, boots, boarding jackets, gloves, and bags that a snowboarder can have.

Rome SDS takes great pride in the amount of tech and innovation put into their boards and bindings. With tech such as their Omega Construction and HotRod tech with bamboo and carbon rods configured in different variations to increase response, pop, and stability. Hotrods are made either from bamboo for playful press-ability or carbon for snappy responsiveness. Rome’s boards also have impact plates to lessen harsh impacts and dampen chatter while at high speeds.

A snowboard system is not complete without a sweet set of bindings. Rome has given extra attention to being able to provide extremely customizable bindings. With Highback rotation and canting as well as adjustable baseplates to help fit a wider range of boot models and sizes, any rider will be able to dial in the exact amount of power and responsiveness needed to take their boarding to the next level. Rome’s PivotMount technology also allows riders to move the position of their ankle straps to increase power and initiation or surfyness and tweak-ability. With 64 different configurations possible, you’ll be able to match your bindings perfectly to your riding style.