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About Road Bikes:

Whether you’re a commuter or you love to ride long distances along winding roads, road bikes are the perfect style for you. They provide a smooth ride on pavement and city streets. Built with race-proven components, road bikes are constructed to be ridden fast. You can practically feel the power being released with every pedal forward. Best of all is that the price of a reliable, powerful road bike is not nearly what it once was. Thanks to advances in materials and technologies, you can find your dream bicycle without having to settle for a cheap knockoff.

It’s all about the design when it comes to road bikes. They are found at the pinnacle of engineering, performance, and design. Aerodynamic features and drop-bar handlebars allow for sharp, precise steering. Add in an ultralight, stiff frame and you’ll have no problem twisting and turning at breakneck speed. Ergonomic seats help to relieve pressure points for superior comfort on long group rides. A wide range of speeds provides uphill power for super steep climbs while insanely powerful brakes and forks deliver on uneven pavement and poor weather.

These bad boys are the true road bike superstars. From the frame to the saddlepost and the parts to the pedals, you’ll find your perfect storm in the form of a seriously powerful road bike. Not to mention, your options aren’t limited when it comes to color schemes. Sleek and stylish neutrals keep the eye on the rider while bright, highly-visible colors turn heads at every day. Regardless of if you prefer riding around town or you want to break records in cycling races, a road bike is one of the best forms of human-powered transportation for you.

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