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About Red Wing Boots and Shoes:

A commitment to quality is key. With a pledge to provide excellent products existing as the cornerstone of the Red Wings Shoes brand, the company they've built endures around the promise and delivery of the highest quality in workman footwear.

At the dawn of the 20th century, Red Wing, Minnesota shoe dealer Charles Beckman recognized the need for a new style of boot and shoe, with the booming American industry demanding a more rugged and comfortable solution. Red Wing Shoes was born of this realization, with their mission to provide high quality footwear to the industrial workforce leading the charge.

With over a century having passed since their inception, Red Wing Shoes continues to provide a product that lives up to the high standards they established all the way back in 1905. This includes bringing their classic designs and ideals into the modern world, producing a product that broadcasts a proud legacy while embracing the latest waterproof and outsole technology. This isn't to diminish their original designs and models. So proud they are of their time-tested styles, Red Wing Heritage exists to provide the customer with footwear produced under the exact same specifications as they have been for decades.

The last century has been well spent, building boots and shoes that are proved to stand the test of time. Just like Red Wing Shoes.