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About Red Paddle Co:

Red Paddle Co has been in the business of inflatable paddle boards since 2008. It’s all they’ve ever done and they like it that way. The company believes the most advanced innovations are brought about by focusing on a single product. This allows you the best experience possible on one of their boards. These paddle boards are made by paddleboarders so you know that there is a solution to every paddling problem.

Don’t confuse inflatable with delicate. These boards are anything but. Designed to give you an authentic SUP experience, they’re extremely convenient without sacrificing performance. Red Paddle Co’s original Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) was designed to give their bigger boards greater stiffness to deliver a better performance. The strength and durability of an RPC board come from within. An MSL fusion composite and airtight coating allow for a stiffer board at lower pressures. It prevents errors from hand gluing and also saves almost 2 KG of overall weight. No need to worry about scraping against rocks or crashing in the waves as these boards are tough enough to handle it all.

All the innovation isn’t just in the boards. It’s also found in their accessories. Red Paddle Co’s Titan pump is comprised of a dual cylinder system that puts pressure into your paddle board faster, saving you time and energy. The Original AT Backpack makes traveling easy because they include integrated wheels as well as internal straps that hold everything in place while in transit. Its front-loading system makes packing and unpacking a breeze. There is nothing better than losing yourself in your surroundings and paddling all day long. You’ll never get off a Red Paddle Co paddle board wishing for more.