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Fox Camber Race Pack

Camber Race Pack

From $104.99   $159.95
up to 30% off
Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest 3.0
  • RED
  • GREY

Ultimate Direction
PB Adventure Vest 3.0

$126.99 - $169.95
up to 25% off
Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 3.0
  • GREY

Ultimate Direction
SJ Ultra Vest 3.0

$93.99   $124.95
25% off
Nathan FireStorm Race Vest

FireStorm Race Vest

$63.99   $84.95
25% off
Grivel Mountain Runner 12 Backpack

Mountain Runner 12 Backpack

$82.46   $109.95
25% off
Grivel Mountain Runner Light Backpack

Mountain Runner Light Backpack

$74.96   $99.95
25% off
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About Running and Racing Hydration Packs and Backpacks:

I spent a lot of time building a miniature track for these packs to race on and all they are doing is just sitting at the starting line. I’m beginning to wonder what the point of being able to carry water and other essentials so easily is useful for when racing packs won’t even race each other. Maybe if they were attached to someone who was running or cycling these packs would be a little more active.

Would you be willing to put my little theory to the test? These lightweight and durable racing packs are great for any activity, not just because of their motion-conscious design, but because they are ideal for carrying the water that you are going to need if you want to remain active. All you have to do to help me with my theory is select a racing pack, either a lumbar pack or a running backpack is fine.

Once you have selected a pack you need to take it out to the nearest park or your favorite place to adventure, once you are there you should move as fast as you possible either on your feet or a bike, or a skateboard, or rollerblades, I will leave the method of transportation up to you. Just don’t teleport because teleportation is notorious for making water not potable. Feel free to take a break when you get tired, but the most important thing is to use your racing pack to stay hydrated and to carry any essential supplies you need like your cell phone, gps, dog treats and the code that unlocks the room at the end of Indiana Jones where they keep all the weird stuff.

Maybe I could repurpose my miniature track and start a hamster racing league. But where am I going to find racing packs that fit on a hamster?