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About Race Face:

When someone thinks of a bicycle, they tend to really think of the shell - frame and wheels. Digging deeper, customers can find the intricacies: Race Face components displayed throughout as handlebars, pedals and more. Then you’ve got a mountain bike.

Race Face offers top of the line components for riders who are looking to build, rebuild and improve what they’ve got. Products range from handlebars to cranksets and stems to dropper seatposts. Within Race Face are ten groups, each offering a variety of different components such as Aeffect which includes handlebars, pedals and stems. Other groups include Chester, NEXT and Atlas.

Some of the most popular components are the NEXT handlebars and the Chester pedals. With Race Face handlebars, materials such as aluminium and carbon are used and typically come in 35mm to allow bars to be shaved down and customized. Chester pedals tend to be the most popular because they are affordable, lightweight and made with a wide fit. However, chromoly bearings keep these pedals strong and stable on cranksets.

Race Face has just about everything a customer needs to get out and hit the trail when it comes to bike parts. Additionally, Race Face offers a line of protective wear. Whether it’s trail riding, cross country riding or downhill mountain biking, picking up essentials like gloves, leg guards and arm guards will help to protect riders from beautiful Mother Nature.