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About our Rab Sale:

Built by climbers and hikers for those who crave adventure, Rab is the perfect example of a brand that embodies a “by us, for us” attitude, and one that follows it to the letter. Some of the best adventures to be had are through the freezing backcountry, and no need to deny yourself the ability to get out there with the best of them – with that in mind, Rab makes their outerwear tough as hell to ensure you’re never overtaken by cold while you’re trying to play hard out there. Even better, is the opportunity to do it all on the cheap. You’re in the midst of some crazy good Rab sale prices, deep discounts on jackets and hoodies that are certified winter weather warriors. Take advantage of some great savings and head back on the trail.

Thing is, like all great stuff in life – large bags of movie popcorn, Netflix binges, disco records – they unfortunately come to an end. High-octane Rab insulated jackets, ones featuring incredible sale prices, aren’t just going to sit in stock forever. These things will be gone before you know it, and don’t be mad at us when there aren’t any more to go around.

Sorry to be so mean about it, but we’re serious here – this is outerwear featuring superior quality insulation, working in concert with hydrophobic materials to keep you warm and dry at the same time. And it’s on sale, you guys. If you’ve ever been eager to get some Rab into your life, getting into the collection above would be a pretty wise move. Save yourself some serious cash and look great while you guard yourself from the harshest of harsh weather.