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About Rab Fleece Jackets:

Think all fleece jackets are cut from the same cloth? Think again. While some may see the words “fleece jacket” as a sign of casual, no-frills wear, maybe they’re just used to a brand that doesn’t use their materials to their highest potential. Rab has been crafting quality outerwear for decades, and their propensity towards building better jackets never rests – their line of fleece jackets and coats shows just how capable the Rab team is, finding lighter-weight solutions to all those who demand to stay active year round, all the while wrapping themselves into a welcome level of protection. Stay comfortable, stay stylish.

Take charge of those fall strolls like never before. If that’s what you feel up to doing, that is: You are the master of your destiny – take that how you will – and should you choose to enjoy your autumn days by trotting through the park, sipping a spiced latte, you’re welcome to it. And you’ll be damn comfy too, with the tremendous power of fleece in the mix. Zip into selections like the Quest jacket, featuring fleece with that hifalutin knit look, and every inch is a brush with comfort.

But there’s also fleece, 2.0. Jackets like the Vapour-Rise Flex combine the best parts of fleecewear along with industry leading softshell tech, giving you a coat that wears light but provides day-saving outer fabric material, designed to keep unexpected rain and snow from ruining your time out trekking. Perfectly fit to be a solid solo jacket, pair these bad boys up to some layered options with genuine ease. Rab has built their reputation on their ability to craft outerwear that works great for those whose lives ride the line between casual and constantly active. Suit up for whatever comes down the pike.