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About Quartz Outerwear:

It’s no surprise that the Great White North can feel like a frozen tundra more often than not. It’s also no surprise that to stay warm, you typically end up wearing a heavy down winter coat during that period. That’s where Quartz comes in. Since 1997, Quartz has been designing and producing men and women’s coats to make winters everywhere feel a little less cold. With features like breathability, water-resistance and down insulation, customers don’t have to search far for their next winter coat.

Men and women can tackle the cold with Quartz, a Canadian brand that prides itself on the exceptional warmth their winter coats produce despite how lightweight they are. Customers can tackle their favorite winter hikes with ease and comfort even in temperatures ranging up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Quartz isn’t just making winter coats for hiking, either. Men and women can take on their favorite downtown winter wonderlands or even simply head to the grocery store in casual options. Either way, customers can expect to not only stay warm but they’ll also stay dry when it happens to start snowing.

With fleece-lined pockets and adjustable hoods, Quartz has created cozy and comfortable options for when you accidentally forget your gloves and hat at home. On top of that, removable fur hoods and easily machine washable instructions create a hassle-free trip to the dry cleaners so you never have to brave the cold without your winter coat. Built for the coldest Canadian temperatures (and frigid temperatures everywhere), there’s no doubt your next winter coat is here at Moosejaw.