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About Purnell:

Purnell isn’t an everyday dress up and go out type of company. They’re more of the work hard all day then go out (in the same clothes) company. Born and bred by Brent Dehlsen and Brita Womack, Purnell aims to offer an alternative to the need of switching outfits when transitioning from work to play. Dehlsen wanted something he could wear both in and out of the shop and Womack was looking for a mother’s outfit that was more stylish than simple yoga pants and a shirt. Thus, Purnell was founded.

Purnell’s options range from shorts and plaid shirts for men to skirts and field jackets for women. Options may vary but one feature will always stand out: durability. Even the women’s base layer leggings feature moisture wicking fabric. Along with this customers will see features such as Pure Cool Technology and UV properties on many articles of Purnell’s clothing.

Many of Purnell’s men’s shirts include features such as side vents for breathability, 4-way stretch fabric for mobility, and moisture wicking fabric to pull sweat away from the body. With features like these, innovators and others can work in the shop and walk right into a meeting without feeling the need to change clothes in a split second.