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About Primus Stoves + Lanterns:

Primus practices doing it right the first time, every time. With these outdoor campsite accessories, Primus brings their quality products to the table, no matter what environment that table happens to be in. The Primus Etapower Stove is perfect for those backpacking trips where you can appreciate a warm meal. While we're on the topic of warm, I really appreciate a nice, warm cup of coffee in the morning... Don't you? The Primus Brewfire brews up some fire at any time of day, perfect for making coffee in the morning, tea at night, and everything in between.

While Primus accessories are crafted using technological steel, these accessories can take years of abuse and fire up the first time without effort. Everyone loves a classic, which is why Primus Classic Trail Stove is great for those weekend trips where you run into Bigfoot and he requests a nice warm cup of coffee, or a hot meal. And by requests, I mean threatens your life.

I've just recently decided to just scrap the whole house appliance thing and sell them off so that I can buy these Primus accessories. Who needs a $800 stove when you can get the Etapower or Classic Trail Stove for much less? Of course, I will have to keep my washer and dryer because Primus hasn't quite gotten around to that...