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About Prana:

With a foundation as organic as the cotton used in their clothes, Prana has always been conscious of their global footprint. There is great importance in giving more than taking – Prana holds true that, crafting premium yoga and outdoor apparel with a true sense of honesty behind it all. Born out of a garage in Southern California back in 1992, the first line of Prana products were hand-made by the founders themselves, a symbol of the personal care and attention that goes into their brand to this day.

Proudly made full of color and vibrant design, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single uninspired piece of attire throughout the entire Prana collection. These are products inspired by world-class athletes and esteemed yogis alike, and a dedication to forward-thinking authenticity is the real deal. Eco-friendly clothing, running the gamut from breathable, comfortable shirts and skirts to cozy, insulated jackets and freeing tank tops. No jacket-skirts, though. Not yet, anyway.

Remember how we said eco-friendly? There’s no kidding around about that – partnered with bluesign, a system ensuring the most environmentally responsible manufacturing process possible, Prana is proud to produce their goods with a heavy emphasis on recycled and natural materials. Oh, and they’ve cut out almost 72,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions through an energy efficient “greening” of their electrical use. You’re welcome, ozone.

Listen, you’re going to cover your body in clothes anyway (you typically have to, according to the law) so you might as well make a positive statement in more ways than one. With Prana, you get to feel an inner calm. So take a deep breath, knowing you’ve adorned yourself with a bold statement for the world to see. The world says thanks in advance, by the way.

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