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About Prana Yoga Clothing:

Namaste, friend – now get out there and kick some ass. Your ability to confidently tackle your yoga poses works in tandem with your ability to outfit yourself properly, something that Prana knows well. Purveyors of premium active wear for those who have a palpable zest for life, Prana apparel has always been constructed with you in mind. Allow yourself to fit into attire that just might make that next hold that much easier; at the very least, you’ll look fantastic while you’re at it.

Doing your exercise thing isn’t exactly comfortable. You’re working hard, meaning there’s a good chance of sweat on the horizon, and it’s completely possible you’re beet red from really pushing yourself. Considering you might be a little compromised here, grabbing apparel that’ll help you feel at ease sure would be beneficial. But feeling cozy isn’t all you care about – there’s obviously a good deal of hard work that relies on making yourself uncomfortable, and that’s something Prana understands. Made to be supportive, you know, kind of like a best friend that you just so happen to wear.

Variety is key, and the selections above are able to speak to that. Feel like a light, racerback top paired with a pair of performance knit leggings is the way to go? Or perhaps a loose pair of capris fit against a sporty tanks? The option is yours, and it’s all about whatever suits you best. So many choices for the women out there, with men able to find great pieces as well – Prana’s yoga clothing is as inclusive as it is flexible, and finding your perfect fit is a few clicks away.