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About Prana Women's Pants:

Pants can be such a bummer, right? Ideally, we’d be able to do without on a regular basis, only problem with that is the whole “laws” and “going to jail” thing that’d likely get in the way. Since that’s the way it’s going to be (and likely will be for awhile) you might as well get yourself into a pair that’s as comfortable as possible. Not only that, but a pair that’s able to move as well as you need it to while you’re out there doing work. Prana knows a thing or two about making athletic and casual apparel that fits your active lifestyle – made for those who are lively, energetic and seldom have any free time.

You’re going to want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible while holding those yoga poses – when your activity relies so much on stability and focus, the last thing you need is to put up with compromising clothing. Prana wants you to be free, dammit, so step into some liberty, pants and leggings style. Whatever it is you might be getting yourself into, you’ll find a solution that’ll work well, and look even better.

Leggings for those exercise and yoga days, jeans for the fall strolls and cord pants for comfort, Prana’s commitment to versatility is your advantage. Grab the pair that’s right for you and let some style into your stride. Whether you’re keen on the moisture wicking, quick drying stretch of their leggings or the high quality denim inherent to their jeans, you’re in good hands with Prana.