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About Prana Swimwear:

By now, you should know Prana. If you haven’t caught word of them, not a big deal: They’re just everyone’s favorite eco-friendly and globally conscious clothing brand, insistent on putting a great deal of care and attention into every piece of apparel they produce. Committed to manufacturing vibrant designs full of life and color, every Prana piece is unmistakably their own, with their trademark individualism running throughout their product line. And that’s why their foray into swimwear is so special – No settling for the same old boring suits and shorts. Prana brings a special element to their design, along with using the best possible materials available to bring you a swimwear experience that is truly unique.

Choose your new favorite look. You girls have options, and Prana knows that swimwear is by no means a one-style-fits-all kind of experience. Go with the classic if you’d like, as the traditional bikini never goes out of style. But maybe you want to switch it up a bit – that’s easier to do than ever before, with options like the Lahari halter top and Taala top putting an inspired twist on old favorites. And there’s always the Coralie, built like a sports bra for those who can’t stand to leave their fitness at the gym. Those looking for swimwear a touch more on the modest side can look to Prana’s tankinis, allowing you to rock those bikini bottoms without being too showy. Or just stick with a definitive one-piece and call it a day.

Prana hasn’t forgotten about the men, whose choices, while a little less complicated, are no less exciting. These classic board shorts are the perfect companion for your early morning surf, your late afternoon paddle boarding session, or that late night burger-eating marathon. As notable and distinct as anything else in the Prana line, standing out in the crowd will no longer require massive amounts of yelling or being outlandishly tall. Don’t bug people like that, they probably won’t be your friend anymore. Instead, make your statement with Prana swimwear.