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About Prana Pants:

Not all pants are created equal. That might sound a little crazy, but it’s true, and getting yourself into a pair from Prana will make it pretty obvious. The folks at Prana pride themselves at building their clothes to be the most natural extension of your style and fashion, with ultra-comfortable fabrics and designs paired with better-built materials. You’ve never met a pair of pants like the ones you’ll grab from Prana, and may have a hard time ever going back – crafted by those who care about making a great product, Prana takes their work seriously so you can be comfortable while you head out and play.

No matter what it is you’re up to, you’ll be covered. Women have plenty to love from Prana – hit those yoga poses with abandon and feel awesome while you do it. Prana’s leggings are fitted without being rigid, built of performance material that expects to be put to work. If leggings aren’t in the cards, there’s plenty of other routes to head down – loose-fit cords that perfect the relaxed fit, soft-stretch denim that packs some sweet moisture wicking, even adaptable convertible pants for quick-acting self-cooling when things get heated.

Guys can expect the same level of variety and comfort, with versatility front and center across the board. Ever get yourself into a Stretch Zion pants? The ones that are perfect for agility-friendly activities like climbing and hiking and feature a healthy helping of water resistance? They ventilate easily, ensuring no overheating when things get extra wild. Their collection of casual wear is right up there, throwing premium jeans against organic, stretch friendly pants.

Prana makes pants that fit as well as they look. Prepare to turn heads as you fit into something better.