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About Prana Jackets:

No brand encourages you to be yourself more than Prana. Built by those who understand self-expression is a fundamental part of a full life, the folks at Prana imbue their apparel with an unmistakable vibrancy, giving you the ability to let your outerwear speak to the dynamic nature of your lifestyle. And their collection of jackets is no different – full of diverse options for men and women who want to stay active and well protected, Prana makes jackets that look great while delivering everything you need from first-class outerwear.

Being adaptable is important, something Prana knows well. This means you’ll be able to find a coat for whatever you’re getting into – traversing the outdoors, working on your fitness, casual lounging and looking good – feeling confident that you’re wearing a jacket that represents you and keeps you covered.

With that in mind, the women’s selections available are as plentiful as they are eclectic. Long, down parkas that will help shelter you through inclement weather, packed full of stubborn insulation that will keep the warmth in and refuse any chilly temperatures. There are slighter, wool-based jackets, great for those not looking to fight the elements but maybe just grab defense against weather of the mild, fall variety.

There’s plenty of variety for the guys, too – cozy, comfortable fleece jackets built perfect for mid-autumn hikes through your favorite trails. Or heavier, durable coats built to combat awful weather and keep you all warm and dry. Stay protected out there and do it all while looking and feeling great. Prana’s collection of jackets, coats and parkas prove you can rock outerwear and let your individual style shine through.