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About Prana Clothing:

Those who know Prana know a brand that encourages you to play as hard as you work. Built for individuals who feel an active life is a life better lived, your threads should keep you as free as that spirit of yours. Whether you’re eager to bring your fitness game up a notch, ready to strike out on an endless hiking expedition or hoping to take your yoga poses to the next level, Prana clothing has the apparel you need to conquer your goals with ease. But who says active attire needs to be boring or plain – the folks at Prana have proven time and again that style and function can sit side by side, helping you to look great while you do great work.

Men and women alike have plenty to love here, with Prana clothing able to give you the complete outfit package. A pair of leggings or durable pants paired with a performance top give you girls a gym ensemble, but maybe you’re looking more on the casual side of things? Prana’s sweaters, dresses and the ever-imitable hybrid-ish sweater dresses maintain the comfy, snug feel of Prana’s entire line while keeping your look enviable. The men’s styles are no exception, with those searching for a relaxed and confident style able to slip into a great deal of options. Hoodies and long-sleeve shirts against some incredibly chill button-ups and stretch pants give you the look and comfort you’ve been searching for.

Worry less about your wardrobe and throw that extra effort into having the good time you deserve. There is plenty of beauty out there, and you shouldn’t have to ignore it while being hung up on an ill-fitting pair of jeans or boxy sweatshirt – get a little closer to nature by getting the fit right the first time. The feature-packed goodness of Prana clothing has options for those looking for a little more support and protection, so whether you’re just trying to feel comfortable or attack the element with a little moisture wicking and chill-fighting insulation, Prana has you covered.