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Backpacking Cooksets + Pans

Whether your specialty is homemade mashed potatoes or heating up a can of tomato soup, we have the kitchenware for you to make it for your fellow campers and yourself before going totally boyscout and telling a scary story around the campfire.

Some great products include the Quick 2 System Cookset from MSR, which provides you with two pots, two plates, and two mugs that all fit into one pot. Fits the whole more stuff/less space concept just beautifully. Another is the Snowpeak Titanium Trek Combo Set, a super lightweight kit with two pots with pouring spouts and locking lids.

And of course for you java freaks out there Jetboil and Snow Peak offer a number of contraptions to brew your beans, like coffee presses and fold-up coffee drips. By the way, the most money ever paid for a cow in an auction was $1.3 million.