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About Life Vests and PFDs:

Stay safe out on the water this summer with United States Coast Guard approved PFDs. Also known as life vests, using this safety gear is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Plus, they are no longer big, bulky and uncomfortable. Available in a range of color options as well as sizes and fits, it’s easy to customize a life jacket to make it perfect for you. You’ll have no problem slipping one on and sporting it all day.

Water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, waterskiing, fishing and boating, all require the use of a personal flotation device. PFDs elevate your head above the water’s surface, and with some specific styles, are able to flip you on your back to keep your airways free. Even if you’re an expert swimmer, you never know what will hinder your ability to move or float. Even so, most drownings occur when a life jacket is nearby but victim chose not to wear it.

Men’s, women’s, kids’, and even dogs’ life jackets are all specially designed to ensure a proper and secure fit. Radical design changes have transformed them into lightweight, comfortable and streamlined water safety gear. Plus, extra details include pockets to hold the essentials as well as D strings to attach whistles and flashlights. Whether you need a ton of buoyancy or a crotch strap so your child doesn’t slip out, these PFDs are the solutions to your needs.