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About Pelican:

Gone are the days of warm sandwiches and lukewarm drinks while you’re enjoying a day at the beach. With a Pelican cooler, all of your refreshments will stay at the desired temperature for as long as you’re outside and even longer, most likely.

Pelican Elite hard coolers are rugged in their design and built to last right here in the USA. There’s plenty of smart features, like a built-in bottle opener integrated into the lock hasp, press and pull latches that are easy to open, and can holders that are molded into the lid. Ice will last for a super long time in these coolers; up to 9 days in the 70QT size. And since they come in a variety of sizes, you can bring plenty of food and drinks for the entire crew. As long as your crew doesn’t include a bear, as these coolers are certified bear proof.

Although Pelican didn’t reinvent the wheel, they did add two heavy duty ones to three different sizes of their heavy duty coolers. With the built-in trolley handle, you’ll be able to get your drinks and snacks where they need to go even more easily. After all, why spend all your energy lugging that cooler up the hill when you could instead spend it hanging out with your friends?

In case you were wondering, Pelican also makes soft coolers. With three different sizes that hold 12, 24, or 48 cans, these things are perfect for a day at the beach. They have a leak-proof zipper and a comfy shoulder strap, making carrying all those cans a breeze. The food grade liner makes cleaning it quick and easy, so it’ll always be ready for the next outing. They also feature bottle openers built into the stainless steel tie-downs, in case you opt for bottles instead of cans next time. Perfect for a backyard barbecue or a weekend camping trip, Pelican coolers will keep everything icy cold for days on end.