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About Peak Design:

Peak Design began as a solution to an annoying problem. Peter Dering, the company’s founder, was on a trip around the world when he quickly realized that carrying his DSLR was rather annoying. He needed to keep it safe and secure but also needed easy access for when the perfect shot presents itself. When he returned to the States, he quit his job and worked on designing a camera carrier. Fast forward a few years and a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and Peak Design now creates camera straps, shells, lens kits, backpacks and more.

What makes Peak Design's backpacks, tote bags and camera bags so innovative is how versatile they are. Whether it’s camera gear or everyday stuff, these bags and gear solve everyday problems to make traveling or your work commute all the easier. Waxed canvas coated in DWR provides superior weatherproofness while cleverly designed entry points allow for easy access even when one-handed. Tons of small pockets are excellent for batteries, pens, chargers, cords and more. Every strap and handle is made from seatbelt material that is both soft to the touch and incredibly strong.

What is probably the most well thought-out design are the “FlexFold” dividers. Instead of individually padded dividers to separate and organize your gear, Peak Design has created a way to customize your layout to fit your gear and specific needs. These folders have the ability to lay flat to create larger spaces for your DSLR camera as well as the ability to fold up into smaller pockets and more specific organization. The gear you carry is just as valuable as the gear you pack. They have created top-of-the-line camera bags and backpacks that are incredibly durable, protective, comfortable and functional. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone camera bag, or you need something that can carry it all, there is something for you.