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About Patagonia Women's Vests:

Listen, it’s ok to admit it: You don’t care much for sleeves. Do you feel better now that you got that out of your system? Maybe others don’t quite understand, but it makes perfect sense to us - and to the great folks over at Patagonia. You just want some versatility, ok? And having a vest that’s flexible in its ability to adapt to whatever you’re up to sure is nice, especially when it’s a Patagonia vest. Give a little extra love to your mid-section! Let those arms hang free when you zip into a top-notch Patagonia women’s vest.

You should be looking good, girls. Getting into dependable vests for women (which just rolls of the tongue, by the way) is an easy way to add some great style to your outdoor outfits, but there’s plenty of function to go with that form. Easily packable and ready for action, these lightweight vests are able to spring in to action when weather takes a turn for the worse out on the trail. PrimaLoft insulation packs some serious warmth power, all while being surprisingly compressible and making it incredibly easy to bring your vest on any adventure.

Keeping warm is great, but so is staying dry. DWR – or durable water repellent – keeps that shell fabric from soaking in any wetness, forcing any and all rain drops to beat it. Or maybe a fleece face is more your speed, giving some extra comfort in exchange for water-resistance. The point is that there are options, ladies. Better than any sweater vest you’ve ever encountered, zip in to what feels right. Spoiler Alert: It’s everything you’ll find above.