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About Patagonia Women's Insulated Jackets:

Patagonia wants to help. They know it’s bound to get gnarly out there – who really wants to deal with gnarly weather, or anything labelled gnarly for that matter? A ton of hard work has been put into the selections above, giving you the confidence to never fear what’s out there, no matter how bad it looks. A non-stop barrage of less-than-ideal temps? Not even a big deal. Chilly weather that teams up with beautiful-but-troublesome snow? Don’t even worry about it. Patagonia’s insulated jackets for women are more than capable on a number of levels, giving you a stellar winter-besting solution.

Don’t let a name like Women’s Down Sweater confuse you. This selection is a fierce piece of outerwear, taking a significant helping of down insulation and packing it into rip-resistant polyester, giving you a lightweight yet kickass cold-weather fighter. Finished with DWR – durable water repellent – your jacket works to refuse an unwelcome rain and snow, forcing drops to roll right off instead of soaking in and ruining your day. Easily packable, your Down Sweater can be your secret weapon for when the going unexpectedly gets tough.

But there’s a lot more to choose from, and grabbing something that works best for you isn’t very difficult. Thinking that a coat with a little extra real estate could be helpful in protecting your bottom half? Insulated parkas are the real deal, keen to work in the same amount of tremendous insulation and water-resistant materials. Hood or no hood? Sleeves or no sleeves? Get wild in your choices, as you’re sure to get wild out there – Patagonia knows that you’re not keen on stopping your treks because of bad weather or canceling the climb due to a little snow, so why should you? Outfit yourself in better outerwear, and look great while you do it.