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About Women's Patagonia Fleece Jackets:

Here’s a little inside info for you, girls: Your jacket should be comfortable. And we mean supremely cozy, an absolute joy to wear with the added bonus of that whole “looking great” thing on top of it all. Nothing adds supreme wearability to your outerwear like some first-class fleece, and Patagonia’s fleece jackets work to be an embodiment of all your favorite features. Comfy, versatile and stylish, these women’s zip-ups are the perfect addition to any active wearer’s wardrobe. Or hey, don’t be active in them, that’s fine too – whether you’re ready to take on that trail or just feel like lounging and eating an entire pizza by yourself, Patagonia is glad to be a part of your journey.

You have your comfort, and now you have options. Expect a level of flexibility here, with a wealth of different jackets in the mix to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Classics like the Better Sweater sit at the forefront, providing the unmistakable touch of fleece in concert with the refined sweater look. Need something with a little more in the way of coverage? Try your hand at a mid-weight parka, effectively stepping up your weather fighting game with an added dose of serious style. Or just find your way to the middle for a compromise – get into a Better Sweater coat, giving you all the best parts associated with that Patagonia masterwork along with some extra length.

Be it fleece jacket, cozy hoody or feature-packed parka, you’re about to look good. That’s important to Patagonia, because it’s important to you – be able to turn heads and instill a good deal of envy, all with great ease. Because there isn’t much that beats making all of your friends wildly envious while you’re feeling as comfortable as humanly possible. All this, thanks to Patagonia and their killer collection of women’s fleece jackets. Say thanks, alright?