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Patagonia Windproof Jackets

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Patagonia Women's Mountain View Jacket
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Women's Mountain View Jacket

$100.99   $169.00
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Patagonia Women's Windsweep Hoody
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Women's Windsweep Hoody

$148.99   $249.00
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About Patagonia Windproof Jackets:

What’s the worst part of bad weather? Not so fast. While it might be easy to think cold temperatures is your primary enemy, think again. No, it’s not freezing rain or crushing snow either – your nemesis is wind. Yeah, that’s right: Wind is the real nemesis, and finding yourself a piece of outerwear that can help you combat that pushy, shove-y jerk of an element can go a long way toward you making yourself right at home in the great outdoors. Get some windproof action into that jacket of yours, and do it thanks to the expertise from your friends over at Patagonia.

We can imagine it now: You’re hanging out in the snow-capped backcountry, conditions start to take a turn for the worse, and – nothing. That sting of brisk wind that you’re used to? It’s non-existent. Patagonia uses industry-leading ripstop material in the construction of their jackets, ensuring their awesome ability to stop harsh winds alongside the fact that they’re made tough as hell.

But just because they’re made wildly strong against that lousy wind out there – these Patagonia windproof jackets are full of a number of other great weather-besting features. Like a welcome level of water-resistance, forcing unwelcome rain and snow to bead right off thanks to a heaping helping of moisture wicking repellent. Worried things might get a little extra chilly out there? Be sure to get into some insulation, with down-power lining giving you a super warm wear in spite of awfully low temps.

No matter what part of weather is worst, be ready for it all. These Patagonia jackets might not magically destroy the wind, but they might as well – face it all without worry thanks to some windproof goodness.