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Patagonia Black Hole Messenger Bag

Black Hole Messenger Bag

$109.99   $129.00
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Patagonia Black Hole Mini 12L Messenger Bag
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Black Hole Mini 12L Messenger Bag

$79.99 - $89.00
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About Patagonia Messenger Bags:

Backpacks can’t stop getting all the credit. Sure, they’ve been mainstays of the whole “carrying stuff” business for a while, doing great work at being able to hold gear on your back. Bummer thing about those backpacks, though – it’s not always super easy to get at your belongings while they’re literally behind you, so setting up some sort of other carrying option might be ideal. For those on the go, whether living that jetsetter lifestyle or straddled with excessively long commute times, having easier access to your things can make all the difference, along with a carry style that’s more comfortable for those long wears. That’s what makes messenger bags so ideal – great look, better utility - and Patagonia has made a killer collection that’s available right above.

Like, just above this text right here. Patagonia has built an eclectic assortment of bags, working to suit the needs of everyone active and ready to go. Rocking a laptop? 13-inch? 15-inch? 17-inch?! Even if you’re toting around a genuine monster of a portable computer you’ll be covered, with enough size to fit that beast of a laptop with all the requisite padding and support it needs. No matter what size suits you, you’re in luck – these messenger bags range from small and slight to large and hefty, slender to blend in to your attire or built to connect to rolling luggage, Patagonia has it covered.

Built for those on the go, expect water-resistant and waterproof materials to ensure your gear stays safe and dry. There’s even sling bags, made for those seeking an inspired new take on the messenger bag, or maybe you’re just not ready to let go of the backpack lifestyle and need a sort of hybrid situation. Whatever it is, Patagonia has it taken care of – inspired gear for those who demand the best when they travel. Or maybe you’re not traveling with it, and just need a good place to keep your pizza handy around the house. Messenger bag, pizza holster, it’s all the same.