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About Patagonia Men's Shorts:

Pants are for jerks. Well, that might be taking things a bit too far, but the point we’re trying to make is shorts are so much better. When you take away that restrictive bottom half of your pant legs you’re left with a wonderful, freeing pair of shorts, and doesn’t that make your favorite activities that much better?

Bike shorts are great for biking, board shorts happen to be excellent for swimming and boarding things, and pizza shorts? Well, you won’t find those on this page, but we imagine they’d make eating a slice of pizza pie that much better. That’s really what we’re saying here – Patagonia is giving you the opportunity to make the most out of the activities you enjoy so much by crafting shorts that are as comfortable as they are good-looking.

Yeah, go ahead: Get yourself into a pair of baggies and feel free to conquer the outdoors now that spring has officially sprung. UPF sun protection? You got it. Quick drying material so you’re never sidelined for long? Of course. There’s plenty of greatness to look forward to, and your new Patagonia Men-Brand shorts are likely to be your new favorites. Much more than those lousy pants of yours, anyway.