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About Patagonia Luggage:

Lug that gear around in style, you guys – Patagonia is doing more to help you haul that gear of yours, providing plenty of killer options to get that stuff mobile and keep it protected in the process. Sure, packs are in the mix, but it’s so much more than that: Feel free to get into that sweet, sweet duffel game, and do it better than ever before. Refuse to settle for boring luggage solutions, okay? Let Patagonia get you into some of the very best mobile storage solutions around.

How you carry this gear of yours is completely up to you. Packs are still in the mix, but they’re full of incredible weather-fighting technology. Built light and incredibly strong, expect weatherproof laminate to help keep rain and snow from ever getting to your goods, no matter where your trail is taking you. Compression straps are part of a fully padded hardness to ensure your comfort while lugging around your valuables. But maybe you’re looking to grab something a little different – need a little more space for your stuff, or just don’t want to put the added stress on your shoulders. Patagonia has worked up some incredible duffel solutions, on wheels or otherwise. Still weather resistant, these bad boys are padded up to protects their contents and constructed strong as hell to ensure your things won’t break.

It’s all about protecting the goods, and also all about making the journey a little easier. Patagonia has taken their love of the outdoors and built up some high-octane luggage solutions, made for those who are eager trail travelers in need of better gear options. Whether your next trips is an all day hike or just a skip over to the airport, Patagonia has the better built luggage to support you no matter what.