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About Patagonia Backpacks:

Don’t leave your precious gear in the hands of a brand that can’t do it all. Here’s an Outdoors ProTip from you friends at Moosejaw: It’s not enough to get yourself a backpack that does more than just provide a place to throw all your stuff, you need to find your way into one that nurtures your precious stuff. We’re talking about one that understands you want a pack that works with you, not one that just hangs there. And doesn’t it make sense that Patagonia gets it? After all, they’re known for producing first-class winter weather outerwear and active apparel, so their additions to the backpack game are first-rate and versatile - providing a killer solution to all wearers. No matter if you’re positioned with the casual or expert crowd, or somewhere in between, the fact remains: Patagonia has your back.

Not only is that a hilarious joke about where backpacks sit, it’s also one of the best parts here: Patagonia has worked incredibly hard to build a pack that wears incredibly well, ensuring you won’t find discomfort on account of a poorly configured straps. A better support system is sure to help, but a good wear isn’t enough - you need to factor in material that is light yet wildly tough. These packs are finished with durable water repellant, meant to provide some welcome water protection that helps keep your belongings nice and dry in spite of unwelcome rain or snow.

Designed for those who seek to conquer the mountain side as well as for those who have a lot of books to carry to class, the adaptable nature of Patagonia’s backpacks mean they endear well to everyone with some work to do. Built strong with a myriad of wear options available, you can get into the pack you need and then get back out there no matter if you’re looking for a more traditional backpack, a fashionable messenger bag or something completely different. Put lesser backpacks on notice: Patagonia has built your new favorite stuff-carrying device, and it’s ready whenever you are.