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About Paddle Board Racks:

Paddle board racks make it easy to transport your SUP from sea to shining sea. Whether you have a sedan without any sort of outdoor gear carrier or your SUV is tricked out with all the equipment, Moosejaw has something that is sure to work for you. Without a proper roof rack, you’re less likely to use your paddle board on a regular basis. So make sure your money is well-spent by investing in a high-quality, durable car rack for paddling and surfing.

Easy loading roof racks make it quick and simple for you to load up your paddle board and gear. This means less hassle and time spent trying to secure all of your equipment. No matter your vehicle’s make, model or year, there is a water sport rack made just for you. Popular brands such as Thule and Yakima have meticulously designed every inch of these carriers to ensure top-not performance. Tested for weather-resistance and road safety, you’ll never have to worry about losing your gear while on the road. They can withstand whatever the road throws at them and you can get to the water more quickly.