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About Pact Outdoors:

Alright look, we all do it. It's basically impossible to not have to do the deed when out on a week-long backpacking trip. We get it, there’s nothing pretty about it and I’m pretty sure none of us really enjoy finding a spot, digging a hole, and going through the whole process of using the bathroom in the backcountry. Then the people at Pact Outdoors came and completely changed how we pack along our bathroom supplies with a nifty kit. With Pact Outdoors’ bathroom kit, you now have a designated “bathroom station” to go about your business in peace without setting your toilet paper on the wet ground or trying to find some wet wipes while doing the potty dance.

Pact Outdoors’ kits are unique from any other backpacking trowel or bathroom kit for a few reasons. With the philosophy of “leave nature better than you found it” they were able to harness the power of fungus to create mycelium tablets that help break down your poop and their Pact Wipes 10x faster. These mycelium tablets help initiate the breakdown process and turn your waste into food for plants and other organisms. Now every time you leave a burial offering to Mother Nature, you can rest easy knowing you just helped all the tiny plants grow with your donation. Now give yourself a pat on the back. Actually, before you do that, use Pact Outdoors’ organic hand sanitizer made in the USA with natural botanicals from Colorado.